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Hi, I'm Lisa, I am a body nerd. My thirst for understanding the body ranges from movement to nutrition.  I am constantly learning and everything I learn informs my teaching. This is what keeps me fresh and interested. I consider what I offer to be functional movement which often takes the shape of yoga poses. My intention as a teacher of movement is to support others on their path toward optimal health. 

Classes streamed online via Zoom


"In every class, Lisa passionately shares her love of yoga and yoga's

healing benefits for the human body.  In Lisa's classes you will find students of all levels. Lisa skillfully instructs all to achieve each pose to one's ability. Lisa gently guides the class through basic asanas, and joyfully encourages all students to play with any pose they may find challenging." 

Carol L

"Lisa has a gentle and positive approach, making her classes a joy to attend! I did not take up the practice of yoga until I was retired and now in my mid seventies I find the atmosphere in the classes so encouraging that I am keen to do some of the more challenging poses such as inversions! I also enjoy Lisa's emphasis on breath work, which I have been able to incorporate into my daily life. Lisa is an excellent teacher with extensive yoga knowledge and an ever present sensitivity to the needs of her students. " 

Joan T

"There are two things you should know about Lisa as a yoga instructor.

The first is that she's very welcoming. When I started the class, she was quick to

offer encouragement, suggestions on how to do exercises more effectively, and

alternative exercises to do if I couldn't do the regular ones yet.  It was an easy class to start doing - it never felt overwhelming. The second is that her classes are highly effective. I suffered from serious back and neck pain for several years, on and off, before doing yoga with Lisa. After about two months of yoga twice a week, the lower back pain was gone. After another two months, the upper back pain was gone, and the neck pain is on its way out. In addition, my balance is better, and I'm significantly stronger and more flexible than when I started."

Tom C


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